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IMG_7949-0.JPGI’ve been on a HUGE shopping spree for the past couple of months! I received my Fashion Valet FV Basics last Thursday. Got myself a Team Bride and Kay El pullover (the other two is my sister’s and Miley’s). LOVE. They are super comfy and I love the cotton! $70 well spent on both LOL


IMG_8008-0.JPGOBVIOUSLY I wore it right away.. Actually the next day. Paired it with a grey square hijab, my favorite pair of…

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Hi-tea with Clingy Friends

Hi-tea with Clingy Friends

Not a food post. Just selfies. Or usfies?

So I’ve been bugging my clingy friends (in case you have forgotten, they were my colleagues back in BSP.) It’s hard to get all three of us together lol But of course, I’m always with Ummi every. single. week. Hahaha! Again, from yesterday’s post – I love this place. Such a great place to hang out! Great food, great company. Perfect!

And donchu love the…

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High Frequency Cafe

So! A few weeks ago, I FINALLY got to try High Frequency Cafe. There’s been a lot of cafes opening around Brunei lately, so yes, I am currently hunting for the perfect cafe to hang out.

High Frequency is located in Batu Bersurat, opposite Fun Bee Park, next to Artly Design. In case you can’t find them, the signboard says “Kafe Renjis” and not High Frequency.

I went there for the first time during…

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IMG_7106.JPGHi ya’ll!

I’m sorry for the super lack of updates. I’ve been.. well, I’ve spent my three months semester break on my bed watching korean drama. But now I’m back to school. Finally on my final semester so I’m quite busy with our final year project. And I have a couple of assignments due in the next two weeks..

Anyways, I have tons of posts on my drafts, some are scheduled, and some.. well, still…

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